About us

EMF is…

The Eastlake Music Festival (EMF) is a not for profit festival, fiscally sponsored by the Friends of Oakland Parks, a 501(c)3 organization. We are 100% volunteer planned, organized and run. EMF is a free, all ages event open to the general public!

We are a volunteer group of local business people, concerned property owners, musicians, artists, civil servants and religious/spiritual leaders from in and around Eastlake who believe the old vanguards of culture like Clear Channel and MTV are no longer relevant for us or our children.

“…The Eastlake Music Festival is what Oakland is, and what Oakland should always be.” – OaklandLocal.com


We are 100% Crowd Funded and Not for Profit!

Each year, we get the ball rolling with a crowd funding campaign, because, well…let’s be real, we need money to put on a show. On top of the crowdfunding, we actively seek grant funding & private sponsorships from local businesses, foundations, and other groups to keep growing.

So we want to take a moment here to thank you, our donors, funders, sponsors and believers. It is you who are the true visionaries, who take that leap of imagination to what could be and what should be.